Autumn flora, with bonus insects

In Nature, Umbria
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The original idea for this post was to catalogue each kind of flowers encountered on a walk around the neighbourhood in early autumn. Happily, I also managed to record some of the insect visitors to the aforesaid plants. The (surprisingly diverse) results are presented below in a fairly random order. Unfortunately, I’m no botanist and most of the flora identities remain an attractive mystery to me. I’ll update the captions as my knowledge improves.

Male common blue. What a stunner, seriously.

Very battered female common blue

Large wall brown, living up to its name

Wall (brown)

7-spot ladybird

Striped shield bug — a true “bug” in the zoological sense

Honey bee

Autumn hawkbit


Flowering mint

Attractive hover fly

Common carder (bumble)bee

Common chicory


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